8th Grade Washington D.C. Field Trip

Washington D.C. Field Trip Fundraising Opportunities


Southport students have the opportunity to participate in a field trip to tour Washington, D.C following their 8th grade year. This is a wonderful field trip to visit our nation's capital, but also an expensive one. Raising funds as early as possible is a key to success.

We are reaching out to make you aware of an opportunity to raise funds for your child's field trip. Each year the West Sacramento Community Foundation offers non-profits the chance to participate in their all charities raffle. Students at Southport may participate in this raffle through the Southport PTO. Students sell $10 raffle tickets and $9 of every $10 sold will be kept in a reserve account for your child. Ticket funds can only be used for the purpose of the field trip and no funds can be returned for other purposes.


If your family would like to sell West Sacramento Foundation Raffle tickets to support your child's field trip to Washington, D.C. please email Kim Ainsworth at kimmy624@gmail.com and she will coordinate your tickets.


For more information about the Washington, D.C. field trip itself please contact the designated teacher leader or parent coordinator. There will also be meetings regarding this field trip announced shortly. You can email the teacher coordinator at the address below.


8th grade Mrs. Pane-teacher coordinator AAdams@wusd.k12.ca.us

7th grade Ms. Keuster-teacher coordinator LKuester@wusd.k12.ca.us and Jenny Brenner - parent coordinator lead

6th grade Mr. Ainsworth-teacher coordinator MAinsworth@wusd.k12.ca.us and Kim Ainsworth- parent coordinator lead


Also, Tuesday, September 12 is also the kickoff to our Cookie Dough Fundraiser. The Southport PTO is allowing students who will be attending the Washington D.C. field trip to put 100% of the fundraising profits earned by the student toward the field trip. This will only be done if you have notified the teacher coordinator prior to the conclusion of the fundraiser on October 3. If your child will be attending the Washington D.C. fundraiser, please notify the teacher coordinator to confirm as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher coordinator.


Thank you.

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