School Planners


        Binder Reminders are calendar books given to each student at Southport from grades two through eight. Students are taught how to use the binder reminder by their teacher. Students write down homework assignments and also star important dates to remember. The binder reminders have holes in them and are made in a sturdy fashion. Students can easily insert them into their binders. The binder reminders come with a ruler to hold their place and stickers to use to identify important pages. They also include important helpful guidelines in completing homework and important reference pages needed to complete assignments. They are also a great way to communicate between the school and the home. Parents can look at the binder each night and check to see what homework assignments their son or daughter has and keep informed. Teachers also encourage parents to write any comments or questions in the book as well. If you have a son or daughter in the second through eighth grade, ask to see their binder reminder every night.